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4 tips for purchasing mobile phone cases

It is well known that installing a “mobile phone case” affects the experience of using a mobile phone,

But what would you do if you were given a choice between experience and risk (broken screen)? 

In particular, You spent about USD1200 on a mobile phone and accidentally dropped it on the ground.

No, No, No. The screen was broken. It’s expensive to change the screen, and you have to take the time to repair it. It’s a lot of trouble.

So it is necessary to match a high-quality phone protective case for a new mobile phone.

Of course, good phone cases are not necessarily expensive, it needs some time to pick out a high quality and suitable phone cases.

How to pick out a good case for your phone?

It can not only look at the appearance of phone cases but also good quality is really important. 

What should We pay attention to when buying cell phone cases?

1.Genuine leather mobile phone cases with the function of seamless splicing.

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NO1.Distinguish the genuine and synthetic leather:

The texture of Genuine leather is irregular, and the touch of the genuine leather is generally soft and elastic.

NO 2. Test whether each button is working well after installing a protective case on the phone.

NO 3. In order to protect the screen and Camera of your iPhone, Check whether the bezels of the mobile phone cover is higher than 0.1mm than the mobile phone screen

NO 4.Whether the frame of the cell phone case is parallel and higher to the 4 sides of the mobile phone screen and closely fits. 

NO 5.Whether the four edges of the super fiber in the mobile phone shell can be seamlessly spliced with the leather. 

NO 6.Is there any scratch on the surface of the mobile phone case?

2. Water transfer PC/TPU phone cases=soft touch phone cases with a pattern. 

Custom Water Transfer Printing phone cases manufacturer in China

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It depends on whether the pattern on the phone case has flaw, whether the pattern covers the edge of the phone case. 
The second is to see if there are scratches on the surface. 
The surface effect of this kind of mobile phone shell: it is sprayed with environmentally friendly oil, such as Matt rubber Oil and Glossy UV Oil. 

And you can feel how it feels by touching the phone shell. 

We are able to accept LOW MOQ5-20pcs/design/model.

3. Silicone phone cases for the iPhone. 

Silicone mobile phone cover is divided into solid silicone and liquid silicone. 
Which is better? 

As the name implies, it must be a liquid silicone phone case. 
So how to find out the difference between liquid silicone and solid silicone? 
Suggestion: compare the two together to make it easier to distinguish. 
The edge of the liquid silicone phone case has no mold line, and it feels particularly good, delicate, and soft like touching baby skin.

4. IMD/IML TPU phone cases. 

IMD TPU cases divided into Half side TPU phone cases and Full side TPU phone cases.


All of those are In-Mold-Decoration Technology.

Due to it is made by In-Mold-Decoration, so there is only Apple model mobile phone case at present. 

This is to see whether the surface of the phone shell is beautiful, without indentation and scratches.

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