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How To Produce IMD TPU Phone Cases

IMD TPU phone cases are very popular among phone users. They can come in the form of a flexible Matt rubber or a Glossy UV skin that fits around the phone. TPU cases help protect the phone against damage and can also enhance its appearance. Have you ever wondered how we make our TPU cases? Well, if you have, you’re in luck. Let’s show you how. How to Make an IMD TPU Case First, assemble the mold of the mobile phone case corresponding to the phone model. Next, put the mold and the user-customized pictures in the injection molding machine. Open the injection molding machine and load in the TPU raw material. Close the molding machine and let it form the TPU case around the user-customized picture. Open the machine and take out the finished case. To make more cases, repeat the steps above. It all seems a bit complex, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll take you through each stage of production. When we’re done, we’re sure you’ll be able to understand all the processes and materials we use. So, step into our shop floor, and let’s show you how the magic happens. Table of Contents Step 1: Fit the design to the appropriate template. a.What we need from the customer. Step 2: Print out the design on PET film a.What is a PET film? Step 3: Apply a layer of white paint to the PET film Step 4: Place the PET film in an oven to dry. Step

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What Is The Purpose Of A Phone Case?

Phone cases are a very popular accessory among mobile phone users. Every year, phone companies spend millions to improve the phone’s external features. Yet, more than 75% of phone users still buy cases to cover up their phones. What Is The Usefulness Of A Phone Case? The main reason most phone users buy a case is for protection.  A good phone case can help safeguard the phone from external damage. This damage can come in the form of scratches, cracks, dust, liquid spills, etc. At the same time, the phone case will take you some unique sense after using a phone case. With the price of buying new phones and repairing old ones rising, users have to protect their phones. After all, a damage-free phone looks better and also has a higher resale value. While protection is the main priority, there are still many other reasons for buying a phone case. In the following section, we’ll take a  closer look at these reasons. Later, we’ll also cover how to select the perfect phone case. So, let’s look at why people buy phone cases. Why Do People Buy Phone Cases? Phone users buy cases for many reasons. As phone cases have improved in functionality, sales have only spiked. Let’s look at some of the popular reasons for buying phone cases. To Enhance The Phone’s Appearance In this age we live in, almost everything we own is treated as an extension of our personality. Clothes, cars, and even our phones are part of

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4 tips for purchasing mobile phone cases

It is well known that installing a “mobile phone case” affects the experience of using a mobile phone, But what would you do if you were given a choice between experience and risk (broken screen)?  In particular, You spent about USD1200 on a mobile phone and accidentally dropped it on the ground. No, No, No. The screen was broken. It’s expensive to change the screen, and you have to take the time to repair it. It’s a lot of trouble. So it is necessary to match a high-quality phone protective case for a new mobile phone. Of course, good phone cases are not necessarily expensive, it needs some time to pick out a high quality and suitable phone cases. How to pick out a good case for your phone? It can not only look at the appearance of phone cases but also good quality is really important.  What should We pay attention to when buying cell phone cases? 1.Genuine leather mobile phone cases with the function of seamless splicing. Click Here to Get the Leather Phone Cases NO1.Distinguish the genuine and synthetic leather: The texture of Genuine leather is irregular, and the touch of the genuine leather is generally soft and elastic. NO 2. Test whether each button is working well after installing a protective case on the phone. NO 3. In order to protect the screen and Camera of your iPhone, Check whether the bezels of the mobile phone cover is higher than 0.1mm than the mobile phone screen NO 4.Whether the frame of the cell phone case is parallel and higher to the 4 sides of the mobile phone screen and closely fits.  NO

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