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8 Steps to Importing Phone Cases from China

Phones are some of the most popular electronics in the world.  Every year, smart phone giants sell billions of units. The demand for them is insatiable.

As phones become more popular, so do their accessories. Phones accessories like phone cases also form part of the multibillion-dollar industry.

The great news is that you too can take part and earn from this industry. In this article, we are going to show you how you can import high-quality phone cases from the manufacturing giant of the world, China.

So, strap in, and let’s show you how you can import phone cases from China.

How Can I Import Phone Cases from China?

  1.  Find a trusted phone case supplier
  2.  Contact the phone case supplier and negotiate
  3. Ask for a sample and send over your specifications
  4. Test the samples
  5. Place your order and make a down payment
  6. Make your logistics arrangements
  7. Get your import/ export documents ready
  8. Inspect the finished products and sign off on them

The steps above are what it takes to import phone cases from China. Do you think it’s a little complex? Don’t worry, we’ll break everything down for you.

Step 1: Find a Trusted Phone Case Supplier

Finding a reliable supplier is the first step in ordering and importing phone cases. This is the most important step. The sort of supplier you use determines the quality of the goods you’ll receive.

So, when looking for a supplier, look for one with an excellent track record in the industry. One that is willing to listen to you and perform the best job possible. So, where can you find these suppliers?

Where Can I Find A Phone Case Supplier in China?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, China is home to a lot of manufacturing activities. There are plenty of suppliers that you can patronize to create your phone cases.

Let’s look at some excellent places to meet them:

Google Search

Yes, sometimes it can be that simple. Through a simple google search, you can find a reliable supplier for phone cases.

All you have to do is to get your keywords and input them into Google Once you do that, many sellers will pop up at your fingertips waiting to serve you.

Google can be a good tool because it is fast and it can be used by even a novice to find suppliers. Also, through a service called Google ads, reputable companies can pay to display themselves at the top of the search list.

These sellers on Google ads have lots of industry experience and they are usually vetted by Google. So, you can be sure you are going to get the best products from them.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are also great places to connect with suppliers. These virtual markets function like product search engines. You search for the product you want, and a list of these products and their sellers emerge complete with pictures and customer ratings.

A very popular example of an online marketplace is Alibaba. If you search for the term “phone cases” you’ll see many sellers popping up to suit your needs.

However, Alibaba suffers from a few problems. It’s really big, so to find the best product you’ll have to go through lists of sellers who might also be peddling fake products.

It can be hard, especially for a novice to distinguish fake sellers from real ones. You can check out this guide to help you out in selecting a good seller.

Smaller sites like offer a slimmer selection of sellers but higher quality. You can get better quality products from them.

Online marketplaces have the advantages of having a large selection of sellers. These sellers have price quotes and reviews immediately available. However, their search results can be altered and you run the risk of buying sub-standard products.

Trade Fairs and Product Exhibitions

Trade fairs are one of the best ways to meet up and connect with quality sellers. At these trade fairs, different phone case suppliers come together in one place and exhibit their wares.

At these fairs, you can have a firsthand look at the various products, you can chat face to face with the sellers. You can even test out the products and do business with the sellers there. It is also a great opportunity to check out new product features and advances.

These fairs offer buyers an opportunity to meet with the vendors and sample the products efficiently. However, the cost of accommodation and travel can be high. Also, fairs only occur every once in a while.

Step 2: Contact the Seller and Negotiate

After finding the seller through any of the methods we listed above, the next step is to contact the seller. This step is necessary because good communication between seller and customer is key for a smooth experience.

When you contact the seller to signal your desire to buy and import phone cases, you have to make the right inquiries. These questions will help clear up your doubts and give you a clearer idea of what the supplier’s capabilities are.

Let’s give you some great questions to ask a phone case supplier:

  • Ø How fast can you deliver the phone cases?
  • What type of phone cases can you supply me with?
  • Can you handle large orders?
  • Do you offer discounts on large orders?

These questions are just examples, but they’ll help you get a clearer picture of what the supplier can offer. Also, to help make the interaction go smoothly, here’s an etiquette guide you can follow.

Step 3: Send Over Your Specifications and Ask for Samples

After sorting out the details and asking the supplier questions, it’s time to place a test order. This test order is necessary to know the quality of the supplier’s product. It’s always a good idea to request samples.

So, after browsing through the supplier’s catalog and seeing the phone case you want, you can send your phone case specifications. It can include the design, materials, and number of phone cases you need.

Once you send these over, the supplier will get to work on producing and shipping the samples to you.

Step 4: Test the Sample Phone Cases

After receiving the phone case samples from the manufacturer, it’s time to test them out. You can carry out any test on the phone case to check their quality.

These tests can range from physical tests like bending or impact tests to customer-focused market testing. Carrying out these tests will help prove the phone case’s quality to you.

After testing the phone cases, you can even request a factory visit. Some suppliers will be happy to oblige to this, especially if you are planning on becoming a long-term customer.

Step 5: Place Your Order

Once you’ve tested the sample goods and you’re satisfied with the manufacturer’s capabilities, it’s time to place an order. To do this, all you’ll have to do is send your specifications and order size to the customer.

These specifications can range from the type of material you want the phone case to be made out of to the color of the phone case. Just make sure you get them right to avoid mix-ups.

Also, another important part of placing the order is the down payment. Most phone case suppliers require a down-payment of about 30% of the final price before they can begin production.

To pay this money, you’ll need to wire funds to the suppliers’ Chinese bank account. Alternatively, you can use electronic money transfer platforms like PayPal or Western Union.

Step 6: Make Logistics Arrangements

The logistics arrangements refer to how the phone cases will get to you from the supplier in China. There are several means of transporting goods from China. The fastest way is by air, but that can be a bit expensive.

A more popular and cheaper method is to ship it by sea. Although, sea shipping can be slow compared to other methods.

Coming back to logistics arrangements, there are two main ways this can be done. They include Ex Way and Free on Board. Let’s look at both methods:

Ex Way

Shipping your products on Ex Way teems means that the supplier is going to handle the delivery of your products from door to door. In this arrangement, the seller will be responsible for delivering the products to a pre-arranged location and procuring all the needed documents like the export license.

All of this is not free, of course. The cost will have to be included in the final invoice. Most suppliers hire a third party called a forwarder to handle this.

Free on Board

In the FOB arrangement, the seller’s only responsibility is to deliver the goods to a designated port. Once the product ships out of the port, all responsibility, costs, and liabilities shift to you the buyer.

Once the product enters the port, the buyer is responsible for everything else. This includes procuring the export licenses and other minutiae.

Step 7: Get the Appropriate Import/Export Documents

Moving goods across borders is a serious undertaking. To get this done as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure you have all the appropriate documentation.

Depending on the size of your order and your region of residence, there are different documents you will need to import goods. Let’s list some of them out:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Air waybill
  • Certificate of origin
  • Import/export declaration, etc.

For more information about these documents and more region-specific documents, you can check here.

Step 8: Inspect the Finished Phone Cases and Sign Off on Them

After the supplier finishes making the phone cases, you’ll need to inspect them before they leave for the port. Inspecting them involves checking for any variations in quality and also checking if the product matches the order.

If the product passes inspection, then it’s ready for export. All you have to do is pay the supplier the remaining 70% balance, and you’re good to go. The remaining process is in the hand of the freight hauler transporting the goods.

So, there you have it, you’ve successfully bought products from China. The process can be a little arduous, but you’ve made it.

However, what if we told you there was a better way to do all this and save yourself all the stress? What if there was a way to get the best quality phone cases at a price that can guarantee a huge profit margin?

Well, you’re in luck because here at Hotdashun, that is what we specialize in. With our top-of-the-line manufacturing capabilities, we can produce almost any type of case you need to the highest specifications.

Whether you need leather, IMD TPU, or a hard-plastic case, we’ve got you all the way.

Also, when it’s time to export your goods out of the country, we will help you do it smoothly and efficiently. With our trusted partners in the freight industry running the show, we can guarantee that your goods are in safe hands.

So, contact us today and get your high-quality phone cases now.

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